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Epic Lust - Designing the ultimate (erotic) fantasy story..?

a celebration of flesh, in heaping proportions
Welcome to, a secret little cell of erotica dedicated to the wanton sexual glorification of the human body. This is a shrine to human sex, with ancient roots. Here, we celebrate the mythology of the "Epic Fuck" -- the lusty coupling of outrageously proportioned male and female bodies with awe-inspiring results. Here, hugely-hung heroes and hyper-voluptuous goddesses erupt in earth-quaking orgasms, in an eternal Clash of the Sexual Titans...and life is good.

I loved this entrance.

I really miss the old Epic Lust website. The new comers may not have know it.

It was back in 2005 or 2006 I think. Fu-Monkey, a talented artist had contacted me through a mail : He noticed that our artwork share some similar theme  - or obsession or fetish, call it as we want. We aggred that we were both proud lover of epicness - epic size, epic sex, epic lust !

A few time after, Fu-Monkey created the Epic Lust site. If I remember well I was the second to join the adventure.

Anyway, there was a discussion posted by Fu on the site. I found back some archive. I haven't drawn lately, mainly focuses on writing. Maybe my next work will be a text story instead of a comic. Or an better : an illustrated story The fact is, I have so few time for drawing, it is just not possible to draw a full comic.
The story which I am working on has a few keyword, which for me are essential for designing the ultimate erotic fantasy : Muscle Worship, God, Veiny cock, vascular biceps, Hardness, Huge hanging balls, Goddess, massive breast, tiny waist, round Ass, voluptuous, big lips, handjob, Denial, Tease, princesse, queen, virgin priestess, oily, sweaty, epicness, lust, power, obsession, craving, phallus adoration, chains, endurance...

I guess a good title to it could be : "Worship", or "Obsession".

Here is the archive :


Designing the ultimate (erotic) fantasy story..?

I've started and stopped on more comic ideas than I can count.  Last year, when I was thinking about putting up a web site for my erotic art, I wanted to design an erotic fantasy comic to run on it.  To this end, I fooled around with several ideas for an epic plotline, but none of the ideas really stuck.  (the "taming of the queen" series of pics came out of this process) 
I'm not quite sure why, but something important was missing and I could never place my finger on it.
I wonder if it's possible to do a joint design session.
What do you guys think?  What are some ingredients for a great erotic fantasy epic?  Is it something about the setting?  Any particular characters you've always wanted to see?  Funny or erotic plotlines?  Crazy situations?  Are there examples from existing fiction that you would follow or encourage others to follow?

picture books

I’d just like to comment that it’s possible to put a comic or series of images in the book module – it accepts all types of nodes.  Create the book first, then go to the page you want to add to it and click “outline.”          

well it sound fun

It sound fun.iam not writer and you can tell by my typeing i realy fun coming up with stuff. i just hate writing LOL.iI have tried doing this one story for so long about a guy trianing under a female figther.and she alway kick his ass. but when he training with her he talks so much trash talk.all about how he going to beat her this time.but deep down he know he lost.all doring teh figth she never say this one figth he wear tigth shorts so his huge bulg shows and in one move he dose a high jump kick so his cock his rigth in her face she see it and is stunned for that one sec. he then come down witha sucker punch.lays he out flat. he then start trash talking about his one and only win. against his teacher. she is pround of him even thow she got a cheap shot in. she has never lost to him in teh many year of traing she think it time for his reward. well it more for her then him LOL. she did liek teh size of his bulg after all so she end up jumping his bone rigth then and there, but this time she is teh oen trash talking and he just very very quite. like i said i liek to get this dont some day.the hardest part for me is coming up with funny trash talking. during teh figth and during the sex. it all about teh talking mostly that what i think would make the story funny and enjoyable to read teh sex would be fun to lol.

It definitely sounds like fun

I really love this idea.  You haven't tried illustrating this one, you say?  It's fantastic.  It's short, fun and sexy -- I can really visualize this story running in one of the adult anthology comics.
 What do these characters look like?

combined male muscle growth and female breast growth

Below you'll find some story ideas that came into my mind during the last
months. (Already posted at mgs site in Dec '05) Hope you like them:
suggestion #1
Ten bodybuilders and ten big bust pornstars are kidanpped
by a half-crazed scientist. He has invented an ingenious
device that transfers human tissue from one person to
another. His plan is to "steal" the ten guys' muscles
and the size of their genitalia and to transfer their
combined strength and sexual powers to him. The first
unfortunate subject is tied up on a table and the machine
is switched on. The poor guy realizes to his horror that
his strong muscles grow smaller, his 10-inch-cock shrinks
to a wee 2-inch-penis and his big testicles turn into
tiny marbles. His "powers" are stored in a special
container in the background. The same humilating
procedure is applied on the other nine kidnapped guys.
This being done, the scientist positions himself onto
the table. Now the combined muscle mass and genital tissue
of the ten poor guys is transferred to him. His muscles
grow to superhuman proportions, his dick swells in length
and girth until it is 25 inches long and 10 inches across. His
testicles are the size of apples. He has also inherited the
combined sexual performance of the ten once-potent guys:
whilst they now have problems to achieve an orgasm even
as seldom as once a month, our hero can have a dozen orgasms
per day! His sperm count is extremely high, he invariably
impregnates every woman he has sex with. The poor victims have
such a low sperm count that they are no longer able to impragnate
any woman.
Now the newborn hero creates his dream woman: the ten kidnapped
pornstars are robbed off their big breasts. The breast tissue is
transferred to his girl-friend who turns into a giant-busted
beauty with a huge vagina that can take his giant cock. The
pornstars' fertility is also transferred to the new superwoman:
whilst the ten unfortunate "donors" won't produce any eggs any
longer, the new superwoman ovulutes every third day!
The plot closes with an incredible sex scene between our lucky
scientist and his new dream girl-friend and with the girl's
pregnancy, during which her huge boobs grow even bigger and start
to lactate almost immediately after her conception!
suggestion #2
Size/potency/fertily Contest
The aim of the contest is to allow only the
most worthy specimens of the population to
copulate with each other in order raise the
power of the population.
So, a judge measueres the male candidates'
penis and testicle size, the degree of their
muscular development (biceps girth, size of
breast muscles etc), the guys' sperm is analyzed
by a doctor (sperm count), and they have to
have sex with their girl friend under obser-
vation of the judge. During the test period,
the number of erections they can achieve is
noted, as well as the volume of sperm they
ejaculate. The hardness of their erection
is also measured.
Same with the female candidates. The size of
their breasts is measured as well as their
other measurements (waist, hips).
suggestion #3
In the size-obsessed country that I described in
#2, they have invented an ingenious
device that allows to transfer muscle mass and
genitalia tissue from animals to humans. So,
for example, the mighty muscles of a strong bull
can be "stolen" from it and be transfered to a man.
Same with the bull's testicles and penis. And similar
with a cows' big udder: the mammary tissue can be
transfered to a woman's breasts.
This happens as follows: the "donor" animal is tied,
probes are attached to its muscles, testicles and penis;
and a special substance is injected into its bloodstream.
Soon, the animal grows noticably weaker and its genitalia
are shrinking. Nearby, the three lucky guys who shall receive
the power are also tied to a special chair, with similar probes
attached to their muscles, testicles and penises. Their muscles
and genitalia begin to grow. After half an hour, all that is left
from the once mighty bull is a small and meagre cow (only bones
and skin is left), but the three guys' muscles and genitalia have
grown to massive proportions.
Now, the measurements are taken (like described in my last email).
Than, the same process is repeated with a sightly cow; its udder
tissue is transferred to three women whose boobs grow huge during
the process. Now the fucking session begins and the sexual per-
formance and stamina of the candidates is measured.
Part 2: After the success of the first transfer process and the interpretation of the measurements the guys in charge in our
size-obsessed country decide to risk a second experiment: they
plan to transfer whole muscle mass and genitalia tissue of another
strong bull to only ONE man! The second transfer process is
even more spectacular than the first one. The recipient grows
truly huge: his height increases to 2,20 m, his weight to
250 kg, the length of his penis is 60 cm and its diameter
20 cm! His giant testicles have a diameter of 25 cm each
and produce 1000 times the volume of sperm than a normal
man - and 1000 times the amount of powerful male hormones.
His penis can stay erect for more than three hours and when
he cums, he ejaculates 1,5 l of most potent sperm. His orgasm
lasts for five minutes.
But: there is no women whose vagina is big enough for his
penis to fit. So -> part 3 (let's see)
suggestion #4
For example, if you would describe the childhood and puberty
of a girl who, due to a genetic mutation, grows abmormally
large breasts, but also a very loose vagina. You could illustrate
the growth of the girl (age 10, age 12, age 14 and so on). She
has her first sex at age 10 (her tits are already a size DD). When
she turns 14, she notices that her vagina has grown so loose that
no man can satisfy her any longer. Normal guys' dicks are not big
enough to strech her cunt. Plus, she needs a man with a superhuman
stamina who can fuck her ten times a day. Her boy-friends and
one-night stands are all fairly well-hung my normal standards, but
the girl's genitalia grow bigger month by month, day by day.
She gets desperate. She consults a doctor. By chance, he knows about
a guy who has a similar "problem": Due to a hormonal imbalance
in his childhood (his testosterone level is ten times higher
than normal), he started to grow superhuman muscles, a giant dick
and huge testicles. He can have dozens of orgasms a day (his balls
produce liters of sperm per day), but righty now, at ago 18, his dick
has grown so big that no normal woman can take him. (in a flashback, you could illustrate his growth during his puberty). Normal sex is no
longer possible. He is forced to tit-fuck his girl-friend or to jerk off.
The doctor calls the guy and ... well you get the idea


Man, I gotta say, your post is so dense with ideas that it's hard to reply!
Chris, with all these ideas and with such a direct, flowing connection between your mind and keyboard, I find it hard to believe you're not an author yourself??  A guy like you must have written some stories at some point, no?

Thanks for the accolade, but...

...writing in english (in a decent and legible sytle) is not that easy for me. There are some story fragments or rudiments in german (me being an austrian) but you're right: I've consered to write some stories in english for along time, and I must admit that now, the group being founded and obviously running very well, I'll give it a try during the next weeks.
Cheers, Chris

Story time?

So... it's been almost six months now.  Any progress with pen and paper, Chris_py?

Some more ideas

some more ideas and suggestions, this time for short scenes/picture sequences
and/or single pics/drawings:
#1: Comprison busty & voluptuous <-> flat & lean
a handsome, muscular and well-hung man (thight briefs & shirt etc.) chooses
between two women, both in a bikini; he tends towards the busty one
#2 assembling busty androids
in a hi-tech factory, female androids are produced for the pleasure of rich
costumers. One gets a glimpse on the assembly line; in the foreground the
breasts of the androids are expanded (to massive proportions) by injecting
silicone; the silicone storage containers can be spotted
#3: breast expansion (sci-fi background)
a lab equipped with hi-tech machines and computers, we observe a scientist
in his lab coat, a computer screen depicting a wire-mesh plot of an
extremely busty women, one can read the measurements. Beside the coumputer,
strapped on an examination table, theres a woman, electrical ducts are
attached to her breasts, they cause the breasts to grow, her breasts swell
until they have reached the size of the breasts of the computer model
#4: teenage years of a busty women (sequence)
3 - 4 pics showing a busty women during her teenage years (e.g. at age 10,
12,15, 18 years), depicted like a "Mug shot". The age and the cup size is
given on a table she#s holding in her hands
#5: cross-sectional view of a big bust queen
like in an anatomical atlas, a cross-sectional view of a bist bust goddess
is given, including the milk ducts in her breast, her womb, her vagina and
her ovaries (all these organs are much bigger than those of a "normal"
woman). The drawing should emphasize the superior "fertility" of the woman.
Perhaps one could add a similar view of a "normal" woman for comparison.
#6: selection of busty "fertile" women and well-hung "potent" men for
colonisation of a foreign planet
within the premises of the health authorities, volunteers who have applied
to be sent to a foreign planet to spread human civilisation, are examined by
the docs. Only the busty & voluptuous women and the muscular, well-hung men
are accepted. On a blackboard, visibel for everyone, the minimum
requirements are given, like:
minimum height: 6'0''
max age: 25
maesurements: 45 (or bigger) - 24 (or less) - 35 (or bigger)
minimum cup size: cup G
minimum height: 6'5''
max age: 25
min weight: 190 p.
min penis length: 12''
min penis girth: 3''
Hope you like some of these suggestions.

lundi 20 mai 2013

Jenny loves cock - page 2 and 3

I've already told it before : I'm the slowest guy on earth. You should have believed me !

Anyway, I've visited the musée Rodin last week (in Paris), it was so beautiful. Why did I wait until last week to go see his marvelous sculptures, while I live in Paris ? I don't know... I specialy wanted to see the Gate of Hell, as I am fond of Dante's Divine Comedy. During the same day I've also visited the musée d'Orsay, where there is a fantastic collection of Impresionist paintings (as well as a few sculptures ect...).
This was a real feast for the eyes.
This gave me the motivation to color tonight. I know I've said before that I hate coloring stuff, but admiring all these masterpieces made me realize that there is so much deepness in the art f coloring. I should study it..Sigh I really need some time...

vendredi 3 mai 2013

Fist page WIP

Today I have draw the beginning of the blowbang scene (not finished yet). I'm starting to understand how to use the wacom tablet for inking. Now if only I had the time to draw everyday, that would bre great but, anyway...

I've tried to include it as the  third panel of the first page. 
The whole page looks like this (not colored yet) :

Well actually it wasn't supposed to be the third panel, but the first panel of the second page.
The first page was initially supposed to be like this :

But well...Not sure yet, so I'll wait a bit before sending the picture to the guy who do the color.

mercredi 1 mai 2013

Mangy beasts! I shall send you BACK to the depths of Hades!

Lately I've been quite busy reading Dante's "Divine Comedy" and Proust's masterpiece "A la recherche du Temps perdu". I was so enthousiast with Dante's depiction of Hell that I started to search other "epic" poems about Hell. So now I am reading Milton's "Lost paradise". It is translated by Chateaubriand, but I found the english to be quite easy to read, so I don't rely on the the translation. It's a very nice poem.

Actually instead of reading poetry I should rather focus on my memory about a certain historical japanese samourai's depiction in japanese litterature, but well...I know my director of research won't be pleased...

A part from that, I've stopped playing fighting games at a tournament level (I still play KOF 02UM with my buddy though). Playing at tournament level  took me to much time, and I'd rather use this time for reading books, doing some work out, writing, drawing or playing some adventure games.

Speaking of games, I've played God of War 1,2 and 3 this month : Awesome games. Truely EPIC. After completing these, I read the novel by Robert E Vardeman, than completed them again. I also enjoyed looking at God of War 2 and God of War 3 artbooks. Great source of inspiration. The only thing that I disliked was Aphrodite's face : She's far from being perfect to me. But that's just a question of tastes I guess.

I would have preferd having the goddess od love depicted this way :

Now the sex game would have been funnier !...

Well, enough with my stupid gamer life.

I'm avancing slowly but steadily on the Jenny comic. As she is a princess, I gave her a
pareo. Why a pareo would be related to queenship ? I don't know, but while looking at some old pages I drew 5 years ago for a project called "The princess", I noticed that I also gave the princess a pareo. Sadly I never finished this comic, and I ended up losing all my previous works.
Here's a page I have retrieved from that time.

Jenny asked on Deviant Art if some people were willing to color my comics. I received a few response and I am quite pleased and honored to know that some are okay with coloring my clumsy art. That gave me more motivation for drawing the comic. Hopefully we'll see more of Jenny having business with the barbarians...

I guess the most important thing when drawing a comic is to have a clear vision of the characters : how they would react in a paticular situation, ect... More than the art, eventually that's the characters behaviours and reactions that make a comic interesting.

As for Jenny, I didn't want to draw her as a dominating, "mistress" type character. But I didn't wanted neither to depict her as a victim. So I chose to draw her as a hot "super slut healthy bimbo" cause that's a bit the image that I get of her. Of course I have complete respect for "bimbos"or any sexual attitude whatsoever. So she should have fun with the barbarians, and that's why the plot ended being so simple.

When drawing, I kinda had in mind a certain character which fits quite well  this stereotype. It's Tanya Super Slut, by Full_time_stud.

You can read his stories here :

I must confess  I enjoyed a lot his writing.

jeudi 25 avril 2013

Jenny loves cock - panel 1

I made some few mistakes while trying to create the comic, but I  learned quite a few things. I drew each characters separately, inked Jenny on paper, and the three barbarian directly with my wacon table. That was the first mistake.
Because of that, (and several other things too long to explain...), instead of regular pages, I'll just stick to some panel.

This is gonna be prety much straight forward, as you can guess he he .

samedi 2 février 2013

Thorus Cover featuring Jenny Poussin

I've been drawing the whole day. Damn I hate that wacom tablet, I just can't get used to it. Eventually I ended up taking my old pen and some few papers and started sketching. Sigh.. Anyway, I tried to draw Jenny Poussin. It was lots of fun to draw. She has a superb body so I wanted to respect her proportions (but with a comic touch). Initially my plan was to draw her in the middle, surrounded by three or four meaty barbarians. But well once I draw Thorus I realised I took to much time (I am so slow at drawing..) so that I decided to add only Thorus to this cover. To tell the truth if I had another character on this picture I'm not sure that it would have been tolerated on Deviantart, as I wanted to draw him fully erected, aroused by Jenny's stunning body. Anyway...

I initially planned to fully color this picture , adding shading and all the good stuff, but I gave up.It's been years that I haven't colored thing, and to speak frankly I HATE coloring stuff as much as I love drawing ans sketching. If someone is willing to color, Id be glad to give the original B&W material...

By the way, I really wanted to draw her wearing a sling bikini, as it is my favourite type of bikini, and I noticed that she wears quite often this kind of bikini.

As for the plot..well I haven't decided yet He he.

samedi 29 décembre 2012

Ideas for the new Thorus the barbarian comic

Damn ! I've been so busy this month.
Too much studies, work and.. gaming. Sigh
Actually I play quite a lot fighting game. I attended to a DOA tournament some weeks ago. This gave me the motivation to improve myself, as there will be another tournament on january. As a result, I just had lesser time to draw. Playing fighting games seriously takes an incredible amount of time and energy : you have to train, learn the frame data, analyse your matchs, watch other peoples match, train again...Definitely not a wise idea, specially considered that I already train everyday  on KOF (02 and XIII) and play quite often Soulcalibur V. The worst : I've listened to a friend who suggested me to buy Skyrim on pc. This game is so great ! I tried to create a nordic that would look like Thorus. I should post some screenshot someday.

My CAS in SC V. Actually I main Ivy..

Enough with my pointless gamer life.

In this post I'll just put some few ideas about the new Thorus comic project.

Characters :

The princess :
She is very shy - maybe still a virgin. Impressed by Thorus muscles. She fantasies about huge cocks barbarians.

The dominating woman :
Sort of an executioner. Maybe she' ll look like Ivy in Soulcalibur. Or I should give her an executioner mask. I'll think about it. She should be fairly well endowed, with some good muscles, but not to much : she's not a fighter, but a dominating woman.

The amazon champion.
Named Avalon. A strong woman. Beaten by Thorus, she'll fall in love later.

The Queen : She's not a amazon., but a royal bitch. Thus, no muscle, she's overly busty and volupuous, and very arrogant. The kind of person who has never suffer in her life.

Potential plot :

Scene 1

Thorus. In a tavern ? Or some place other place. Maybe fucking some women. The fact is, he won't be able to fuck some girls for a long time once the story will start, so I may as well provide him some good time in the beginning...

Scene 2 : The capture by the amazons

In order to show Thorus' strenght, some battle scenes must be shown. I'm not sure about making him fighting monsters. I guess I should draw him fighting amazones.
Now this is interesting. I know that there are lot of peoples who enjoy watching men beaten by strong women. The fact is : Thorus is STRONG. Very strong. That's the main point of the comic, and the reason why he is wanted by all the females of the red empire. If he was a submissive sissy, that would jut ruin the whole sexiness of the scene where he is chained and teased by the prietress/princess ect..
He's appealing because he's a monster. A raw, savage barbarian feared by all his enemies. So he must be tough and powerful enough to whip any foe and smart enough to outmaneuver any enemy - except for magic. And this is his weak point, which I'll exploit for making his fight interesting.

Let's say Thorus fights the amazons. He defeats easily the three first amazons that come in front of him. This should be enough to show the reader how strong he is. (By the way what kind of move should he use ? I like wrestling moves, this can be very well fit barbarian characters, as in the game "Conan" on 360/ps3.)
Then comes the best amazon fighter. And this time, it won't be easy. The main point here is to make this amazon fighter extremely muscular and strong. And of course, busty and sexy.  She's going to charm the fucking pants right off of the muscle women fans. Maybe she would wear a sling bikini or a microbikini.

The question is : how muscular should she be ?
As for my personal tastes, I like women that are feminine. Not that I dislike some muscles on them, but too much may be well..too much.

She should deafeat easily some barbarians.
And to please this audience, she should show a fairly good fight with Thorus. She would fight well, but eventually Thorus must show his supremacy. (Remember : Thorus is STRONG).
The amazon champion (let's call her Avalon) could use the same sentence as Megan Avalon in this video :

(talking about her legs) "I've crished many man with these legs. They always bow down to me."
"I like to stick men between my thighs and crush them. It makes me feel so powerful"
(talking about her biceps) "Look at that hard bicep. 14 inches.  You think you can handle it ?" So you're probably right now." (great quote Megan !)
"Don't get too excited."

And this is where the sorceress would interfere. The sorceress would have no muscle at all, but she would be quite voluptuous. And smart. Maybe with some glasses ? She would throw a cast upon Thorus while he fights the amazon, which would result in this defeat. Maybe he would not be able to move for instance. This would enable me to draw the amazon champion dominate Thorus with some fierce moves. The great thing here is that this allows me to please the fans of strong muscular woman dominating man. During all the fight, the princess should watch the scene. She should be quite afraid of Thorus's power and brutality, but in the same time fascinated.

Once Thorus is captured, we can move to ...

Scene 3 :

Thorus is shown to the queen. The princesse observes the scene next to her.  Explication about the fact that the collar and  the chain that bid Thorus are magical, which explain even a freak like Thorus cannot destroy them. This magic also prevent Thorus from ejaculating. I think I'll draw the Queen sat on her throne. Next to her on each side there's a nude barbarian slave. The queen talks about why she keeps barbarians in jail. Mainly During the whole scene, while she talks, she provides a handjob to both slaves. Maybe at the end of the scene she'll drink both men's semence. During this scene Thorus ' cock should grow from a flacid state to a huge hard on.

Scene 4 :
In her room which is on the top of a tower, by a moolinght, the princess thinks about Thorus. She masturbate while thinking about Thorus' body.

Scene 5 :

The princess hears that Thorus in enslaved in the dungeon. She decides to replace one of the guard in charge of washing Thorus. This would enable me to draw a scene where she worshipes Thorus ' muscular body, washing it, massaging it. No sex here, just petting.


another script for this scene : There's a female slave who is supposed to be "served" for Thorus. The princess decides to change the place with the slave in order to be abused by Thorus. She would not reveal her name.

Scene 6 :

Thorus in conducted to his cell. He encounter the amazon Champion (Avalon). She tells Thorus that they had a good fight the other day. Maybe she would mock him. Or shows some respect. Anyway Thorus would not respond. The point is to show the reader that the proud amzon has fallen in love with Thaurus. She leaves...

Scene 6

Time for the dominating woman to enter. Lots of teasing there. At some point, Thorus should break free, and fuck her wild. He will then escape

Scene 7
Thorus end up fucking the amazon champion. She's enjoying it, although she wouldn't admit it. 

Anyway enough with the writing. I should start working on some layout and sketch thing out. Now the real fun shall begins !

I wish you all a happy new year.