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Quarantine update - Introducing the SexHuntress !

I hope everybody is safe here.

I've been working a lot these past months. As I have completely stopped responding to messages, emails and other social medias issues I've been able to focus on my Thorus comic everyday.

It's gonna take some months, maybe years before I release the first issue though.

I'm still in the process of writing the story for the first arc. It's a comic with several 24 pages issues so the story should have a certain logic, characterization, plot twist ect...

 I've been drawing the storyboard for several issue, but I won't enter the inking & coloring stage before completing storyboarding the whole arc (that's 200+ pages so far..).

Because I'm doing some storyboarding I haven't been able to work on my coloring and inking skill lately. That's why sometime I allow myself to color a bit a page..

For the first arc I've decided to follow the story I wrote and drew 20 years ago, starting with the first comic "the barbari…

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